The ASEF ClassNet Conference gives secondary, vocational and high school teachers with a keen interest in fostering collaborations among their students the opportunity to meet, share and learn best practice, and propose new Online Collaborations for peers to join. It is also when exceptional Online Collaborations from the preceding year are presented with the ASEF ClassNet Awards.

With a focus on a specific theme, the ASEF ClassNet Conference is typically held over 5 days, and includes 4 programme elements:

  1. Professional Enrichment
    Internationally-recognised experts present topics related to the conference theme, and facilitate working groups and training sessions which have practical applications for teachers.
  2. Presentation of new ClassNet Online Collaborations and Awards
    Members present and share their new Online Collaboration ideas with the participants at the conference. The coordinator and student representatives from 6 shortlisted Online Collaborations carried out during the preceding year co-present their activities, and contend for the ASEF ClassNet Awards.
  3. Networking Opportunities
    Participants meet during working groups and plenary sessions, and build stronger relationships throughout the 5 days, often resulting further collaborations.
  4. Study visits
    Participants are introduced to the host country and its education system through activities including cultural tours and visits to schools or specialised training centres for teachers.

Why not look at the latest edition, or past editions, to get a better feel of the ASEF ClassNet Conferences?