ASEF ClassNet School Collaborations are peer-to-peer learning initiatives that engage school leaders & teachers
across 51 ASEM countries  to share and jointly work on innovative teaching & learning practices. Designed
and implemented by Asian and European secondary, high and vocational school teachers, these collaborations are conducted either as an integral element of the daily school curriculum or as an extracurricular activity. They consist of both virtual and practical activities and have a duration between 3-12 months.

ASEFClassNet School Collaborations in 2021
This year, two School Collaborations are planned to  promote Education for Sustainable Development & Global Citizenship as well as Digital Competences, with a particular focus on SDG 3 (Health & Well-being), SDG 4 (Gender Equality). 

(1)  Well-being of Teachers & Students
The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic caused severe disruptions in the education sector and heavily affected teachers, students and parents alike. Even in 2021, the lock down in some countries has been extended and schools across the globe have to continue with a home-based learning mode.  Teachers still face challenges linked to the delivery of quality education, curriculum development,  access to technology or the lack of social engagement of students. These challenges have far-reaching effects on the teaching & learning environment

This school collaboration invites  secondary and vocational teachers to jointly create a  Handbook that collects Pedagogical Stories from Asia & Europe. The stories illustrate how teachers in different educational & cultural contexts approach their subjects in an online context, and gives insights into techniques and tools they use to ensure a holistic learning environment for their students.

(2) Gender Equality and the SDGs
Ensuring gender equality is crucial to build peaceful, prosperous & sustainable societies. However, even in the 21st century, we face discriminatory laws & social norms that raise gender inequality issues and threaten sustainable development. It is important that schools equip young people with knowledge and awareness needed for fighting gender biased stereotypes at an early age.

This school collaboration welcomes  secondary and vocational teachers to engage in Virtual Classroom Exchanges to discuss gender equality from diverse cultural perspectives. Contributions will be compiled in an Asia-Europe blog and published on ASEF’s social media channels.

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